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BB-Glow, flawless complexion with anti-ageing effect for both males and females. Never heard of BB-Glow? Or maybe you have heard of it but you don’t know exactly what it is? BB-Glow is pure anti-ageing power which leads to silky soft facial skin and an even complexion, even if no make-up is used. Let’s start with BB cream, probably the best-known product, which has been on the market for many years. BB stands for Blemish Balm. The BB cream covers up any reddening of the skin and impurities while visibly refining the complexion. The BB-Glow treatment by contrast is a long-lasting and effective alternative to daily cream applications with highly compelling results. What is the BB-Glow treatment and what can it do?Our BB-Glow treatment is an anti-ageing facial treatment in which really powerful effective agents are channelled into the skin. Moisturising vitamins and effective hyaluronic acid combined with reflective, balancing and completely natural pigments. This provides the skin with the so-called “Glow effect”, a visibly radiant complexion, from the very first treatment session in most cases. For whom is BB-Glow recommended?For people of any age who want an even complexion. The Glow concentrate has a balancing, moisturising and firming effect, thus counteracting the signs of skin ageing. Reddening, dark shadows under the eyes, skin discolourations and many other impurities are visibly reduced as the skin receives a real input of freshness. This results in an even, soft and silky complexion. How is the Meso BB Glow treatment applied?The skin is [...]


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We say that everything starts with eyebrows. Eyebrows are by far the most important facial element that creates its unique frame and highlights the best features. Therefore, their shape can not be random. It must necessarily harmonize with the face oval and look natural. It's the eyebrows that decide if a woman can look beautiful every day. Their perfect styling is the start of a perfect look. Your eyebrows are important to us.

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