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We are right up to date in all matters connected with permanent hair removal.Quick, effective, smooth and pain free. We offer the latest technology to meet the highest quality standards! Permanent hair removal with 3 wavelength diode laser from Zeitwerk Systeme AG For all types of skin and hair and for all areas of the body For ladies and for gentlemen Pain free and gentle to the skin Why choose CP Cosmetics Basel for permanent hair removal? Specially trained skin specialists High-quality medical appliances which meet the highest standards Permanent laser removal of hair is a task which should be entrusted to specialists with a wealth of experience. This is why our CP skin team for laser hair removal has received special training. We also work with medical appliances of the highest quality which are provided by Zeitwerk Systeme AG. These latest appliances meet the highest standards and quality characteristics for certification. Our appliances have approval from Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA). The American agency is responsible for market supervision and all approvals of foodstuffs, medicines and medical products. What is the difference between conventional laser devices and the 3 wavelength diode laser from Zeitwerk AG?The Titan diode laser from Zeitwerk Systeme AG enables the permanent removal of hair from a wide range of hair structures by way of 3 different wavelengths. It is suitable for hair on the nose, ears, face, intimate areas or for hair removal over large areas on different parts of the body including [...]