The pH value of the skin: an important indicator for healthy skincare

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  The importance of the pH value of the skin is often emphasized by cosmetic manufacturers, but few consumers truly understand what it entails. The pH value is a crucial factor for healthy epidermis, and the better we understand how it works, the better we can tailor our skincare to our individual needs.   The pH value of healthy skin usually ranges between 4.7 and 5.6, which means it is slightly acidic. However, depending on the skin type, the pH level can vary. For example, the skin of people with dry skin is often more alkaline, which can lead to skin infections. On the other hand, people with oily or combination skin often have a pH level that is too low, which can lead to an overproduction of sebum and cause blemishes and enlarged pores. When the pH level of the skin is disturbed, it can also affect the microbiology of the skin, which serves as a protective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. A disturbed pH value weakens this protective barrier and can promote the development of such microorganisms. Therefore, it is important to balance and maintain the pH value of the skin to ensure a healthy epidermis. We can use balancing tonics in our daily routine to achieve this. These special preparations can help restore the pH balance of the skin and protect it from irritation and flakiness. A simple skincare routine with mild cosmetic products tailored to our skin type can already make [...]