You ask yourself: Which products are the best for my skin?

The market is hopelessly overcrowded with a multitude of care products that are all very similar and not 100% tailored to your personal skin needs. No skin is like the other, as it changes as a result of exposure to nicotine, alcohol, air pollution, spices, salts, active sport, healthy sleep and the consumption of various foods, which, among other things, are responsible for the basis of skin cell formation.

Personalized is not personalized

When it comes to personalized cosmetic products, a skin assessment is carried out in order to subsequently test an already pre-produced product
Recommend any brand.
However, this does not mean that the ingredients and dosage of the
product fully meet your skin needs. Pre-made care products contain stabilizers and preservatives to
To guarantee the durability of the products for several years. However, none
Skin requires these, but can affect them negatively.

Personalized means 100% certified to the respective person

At SwissSkintec, personalized products are manufactured exclusively with the personal results of the holistic skin analysis and then 100% tailored to the respective skin needs. You also have the option of choosing your own personal scent from 6 different high-quality essential perfume oils. Due to the daily freshly made products within 4 working days, most stabilizers and preservatives are eliminated.

The fact is that the aging process of the skin cannot be stopped
Smoking and direct skin contact through sun exposure generate the most intensive oxidative stress for the skin, i.e. the formation of so-called free radicals. These molecules attack the cellular structures that are very important for a smooth and firm appearance of the skin.
Once the structure is weakened and collagen and elastin are broken down, skin aging accelerates.

In 8 minutes we carry out a holistic skin analysis and determine the specific needs of your skin.

We keep the basic information for creating your own personal recipe in our
cosmetic institute with the skin analysis device SkinCellReader™. Find out with this analysis
we values ​​such as moisture, fat content and pH value as well as the condition of the acid mantle.
We supplement this data with additional information such as age, gender, anomalies,
Allergies and other skin peculiarities.

In just 4 days, your personal CELAGEN™ cosmetic product will be produced, which your skin demands 100%

Based on the data from your personal skin analysis, Celagen uses the CELLYSE™ in the laboratory –
Algorithm and use it to calculate your own personal recipe for your CELAGEN™ product.
Based on these results, the program uses a selection of various components to create the
optimal active substance concentrates.
The CELAGEN™ care product personally manufactured for you corresponds 100% to yours
skin need.

Trust that pays off!

If you are not satisfied with your personal care product, return it directly to ours
Studio and get a full refund of your purchase.

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