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Manicure Basel, luxurious hand care for him and her

This applies to both ladies and gentlemen. Beautifully cared-for hands are our trademark. Daily work, frequent hand washing, UV light, and contact with cleaning agents all combine to extract moisture from the skin. Cracks, wrinkles, and visible veins can form on the thin skin on the back of the hands. A nurturing manicure, a hand bath to provide moisture, or a gentle hand peeling treatment can have a major effect here. Your hands will look smoother, fresher, and better cared for.

"And while I'm here, I treat myself to a relaxing facial during the manicure and pedicure."

Wellness treatments for hands. Perfectly manicured nails. We offer a variety of different hand care programs for you.

Busy professional clients use their time at our Basel beauty studio for parallel treatments.

  • Manicure plus facial treatment
  • Pedicure plus facial treatment
  • Manicure plus pedicure plus facial treatment

Pedicure, nail, and foot care in Basel

Treat yourself to a soothing pedicure and look forward to the beautiful nails you dream of. You can book the complete pedicure treatment program, which includes foot massage, varnishing, and nail modeling. Or you might just decide to freshen up the nail varnish with beautiful fresh colors. We will show you the ideal nail care products on request. This will ensure that your feet and toenails remain perfectly maintained and beautiful until your next appointment.

Services are available in

  • Freie Strasse


  • Schlossgasse


  • Grosspeter Tower


Manicure from 45 CHF

SPA manicure 90 CHF 75 min.
Business manicure woman/man 45 CHF 30 min.
Manicure without nail polish 55 CHF 50 min.
Manicure with nail polish 65 CHF 60 min.
Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish 95 CHF 75 min.
Manicure with semi-permanent French nail polish 105 CHF 75 min.

Pedicure from 85 CHF

SPA pedicure 120 CHF 70 min.
Business pedicure without nail polish 85 CHF 40 min.
Business pedicure with nail polish 95 CHF 50 min.
Business pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish 115 CHF 60 min.
Manicure and pedicure with nail polish 160 CHF 90 min.
Manicure and pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish 190 CHF 110 min.

Foot massage from 30 CHF

Foot massage 60 CHF 30 min.
Foot reflex zone massage 120 CHF 60 min.
Extended foot massage after med. pedicure 30 CHF 15 min.