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Discover your skin

Do you feel young and full of vitality, but what you see in the mirror no longer matches how you feel about life? Have you long harbored the thought of "getting something done" while shying away from major cosmetic interventions? The good news is that we can provide many opportunities to effectively reduce skin aging without surgical intervention at our cosmetic studios. Just find out which methods of skin rejuvenation without surgery are available to help you look fresher, younger, and happier again.

Why an individual skin analysis is worthwhile

Didn’t you always want to know the age of your skin? We will tell you. Our experts will carry out a professional skin analysis with the latest techniques prior to your first cosmetic treatment. The values for your complexion state the pH value, the moisture content and the degree of elasticity of your skin.

Which treatment matches my skin type? We will tell you

Following evaluation of the skin analysis you will find out which treatment methods are suitable for your skin. At the same time we will provide recommendations for treatments which match the current condition of your skin and can thus have the optimum effect. We also give useful tips for the best possible skin care at home.

  • What skin type am I?
  • Which beauty treatment methods are suitable for me?
  • Which facelifting methods are available without the need for surgery?
  • What specifically will help me to lose weight?
  • How does my DNA affect my metabolism?

With us no questions remain unanswered in connection with anti-ageing, gentle lifting, weight loss, effective skin and facial treatments. You benefit from the latest beauty treatment methods and the latest treatment equipment for face and body. Arrange a non-binding initial appointment.

Services are carried out in these salons

  • Freie Strasse


  • Schlossgasse


  • Grosspeter Tower


Short skin care consultation for free

Brief consultation on skin care Free 15 min.
Consultation with computer-based skin analysis 65 CHF 30 min.
Consultation with computer-based skin analysis as part of facial care 35 CHF 30 min.