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We are the specialists for your feet

Podiatry involves more than just foot care. As podiatrists we treat customers with unhealthy changes to the feet. These include complex treatments, partial treatments and nail correction braces. A comprehensive specialist consultation forms part of every podiatric treatment. Please get in touch. We will be happy to advise you.

If you or your family members cannot visit our podiatry practice for health reasons, we will be happy to arrange appointments for podiatric treatment in the home, in clinics and old people’s homes.

Additional podiatric treatments

  • Podiatric advice, foot history
  • Podiatric findings
  • Medical, soothing foot bath
  • Pain-free removal of corns, calluses, warts (clavi and verrucae)
  • Gentle treatment and relief of points where there is friction or pressure marks
  • Orthotics (production of long-lasting inserts for pressure relief)
  • Treatment of mycoses – foot, nail, skin fungus
  • Treatment of ingrowing toenails
  • Orthonyxia (production of special nail braces for ingrowing toenails)
  • Toenail treatment, cutting, smoothing, cleaning, sealing
  • Following treatment your toenails will be varnished in a style of your choice.

Additional podiatric treatments

(costs calculated on a case-by-case basis)

  • Treatment of rolled up and ingrowing toenails, nail mycoses or thickened nails
  • Treatment of clavi and verrucae (expert removal and treatment of calluses and warts)
  • Pressure and friction protection (measures for relief of painful areas)
  • Orthonyxia (production of special nail braces for ingrowing toenails)
  • Orthotics (production of long-lasting inserts for pressure relief)

Services available in

  • Freie Strasse


  • Schlossgasse


  • Grosspeter Tower


Braces from 25 CHF

Brace Titanium
80 CHF 40 min.
Brace VHO 80 CHF 40 min.
Brace repositioning, after 4 weeks
45 CHF 20 min.
Control appointment in podiatry 30 CHF 15 min.

Foot massages from 30 CHF

Foot massage 60 CHF 30 min.
Foot reflex zone massage 120 CHF 60 min.
Extended foot massage after med. pedicure 30 CHF 15 min.