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Microneedling Dermapen

The microneedling procedure has been replaced in our beauty salons by the more advanced and precise treatment "microneedeling-Dermapen." Microneedling with the derma roller was one of the most popular beauty methods for skin rejuvenation in our CP cosmetic studios. The new formation of elastin and collagen was stimulated with tiny needles without injecting artificial substances into the skin. Today, we achieve more precise and even better results with the microneedeling treatment using the Dermapen

We recommend the Dermapen microneedeling treatment. This more advanced form of microneedling improves the absorption of skincare ingredients, promotes a healthy complexion, tightens the skin structure, and corrects skin damage without removing the skin. Our experts for Dermapen microneedeling will advise and treat you in the CP cosmetic studios in Basel and Bottmingen.

Microneedling: Dermaroller vs Dermapen.

The so-called derma roller is used for the micro-needling treatment. The derma roller is equipped with the finest needles and is applied to the areas of the face with light pressure in order to activate the deeper layers of the skin.

Today, the derma roller is being replaced by the DermaPen. The difference is a more precise, uniform treatment of the skin. The smallest traces of tears that can occur with the derma roller are avoided with the Dermapen.

What results can I expect after a treatment with the Dermapen?

In contrast to many other skin rejuvenation methods, mironeedeling does not remove the skin. The advantage of this cosmetic method is that the skin does not become thinner and more sensitive with each treatment. Instead, the stimuli of the Dermapen ensure the independent cell activation of the skin. The result is a significantly smoother skin surface and visible skin rejuvenation.

Services are carried out in these salons

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Microneedling with hyaluronic acid from 195 CHF

Microneedling with mask, face 195 CHF 60 mins
Microneedling with mask, face, neck and décolleté 220 CHF 90 mins
From 6 treatments -10%, 10 treatments -15%, 15 treatments -20%

Microneedling with Ares ampoules from 215 CHF

Microneedling with mask, face 215 CHF 60 mins
Microneedling with mask, face, neck and décolleté 235 CHF 90 mins