Wimpern styling durch erfahrene Kosmetikerinnen im Kosmetikstudio CP Praxis in der Schweiz Basel und Bottmingen
Professionelles Wimpernstyling durch Kosmetik-Experten in der CP-Praxis
Täglich schöne Wimpern
Professionelles Wimpernlifting an Kundin der CP Praxis

Wow effect without mascara

Like every woman, do you dream of long, thicker eyelashes and a perfect eyebrow arch? We underline your attractiveness with eyelash extensions and perfectly styled eyebrows. For a natural-looking look. For a great curl of eyelashes. For eyes that appear larger.

Fundamentals concerning eyebrow form
The following applies: The eyebrow form provided by nature is always the best. Eyebrows are at their best when we optimise the natural form or correct with plucking.

More effect, more expression, more volume. Defined, naturally beautiful eyebrows thanks to henna brows. Free from harmful peroxides and antioxidants.

Henna Augenbrauen färben einer Kundin bei CP-Praxis Basel und Bottmingen

Eyebrow coloring, thickening, shaping with henna

Who doesn't want it? Fuller, more expressive, naturally colored eyebrows and a great eyebrow effect? The solution: Henna Brows - the exclusive treatment for naturally colouring, thickening and shaping eyebrows. The cosmetic procedure for perfect-looking eyebrows is absolutely painless. At the same time, we only use high-quality original henna products in our beauty salons. With this treatment we color, shape and thicken eyebrows in a completely natural way. We are specially trained beauticians and henna specialists. The henna brows treatment is painless and provides color and shape for up to six weeks.

We extend, colour and lift eyelashes

Professional care and the latest styling methods for extending eyelashes ensure unbelievably beautiful eyelashes and make mascara superfluous.

We style eyebrows, colour them and fill them out

Perfectly styled eyebrows make a face complete. We can show you the latest trends in eyebrow styling, correction techniques and filling methods.

What exactly is henna and what is henna brows/eyebrows?

Surely you have heard of henna products or henna colors. Maybe in connection with hair dyes and hair colorants. Henna is a popular coloring agent, not only for hair, but increasingly also for the skin. The 100% natural color is derived from plants, is not synthetic, making it ideal for anyone looking for a natural color for coloring
are of eyebrows.

Want to try henna brows?

Look forward to a great eyebrow effect and book an appointment. You will receive detailed advice before each treatment.

Our tip

Anyone who needs an optimal original shape can have the basic form shaped in our cosmetic studio. We create new arches and shape eyebrows. This will provide you with the perfect preparation for regular eyebrow plucking at home. Arrange an appointment.

Eyelash lifting, tinted eyebrows/eyelashes & henna brows treatments in the Basel beauty salon: perfectly styled eyebrows every day. Without make-up, without smudging.

The services are available in

  • Freie Strasse


  • Schlossgasse


  • Grosspeter Tower


Eyelashes from 40 CHF

Eyelashes dye 40 CHF 30 min.
Eyelash lifting 97 CHF 70 min.
Lash lifting with tinting of the lower lashes 107 CHF 75 min.
Eyelash extensions natural look 190 CHF 120 min.
Fill in eyelash extensions after 3 weeks 125 CHF 60 min.

Eyebrows from 30 CHF

Eyebrow styling 48 CHF 20 min.
Eyebrow styling with coloring 55 CHF 30 min.
Eyebrows coloring 30 CHF 15 min.
Eyebrow styling with eyelash coloring 55 CHF 30 min.
Eyebrow styling including coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows 65 CHF 40 min.
Eyebrow lifting 95 CHF 60 min.
Eyebrow and eyelash lifting 165 CHF 90 min.
Henna Brow 95 CHF 60 min.