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When it comes to anti-aging treatments, women and men ask different questions. We have a suggestion for you. Ask us your questions, write, call. We're happy to answer.


Lots of questions are put to us in person at the cosmetic studio and lots of people ask questions via email. Of course we only publish questions anonymously here.

Here is a sample of issues that our customers are concerned about:

“I don’t really have much time and I have to plan my free time very effectively. This also applies for my cosmetic appointments. My question: Would it be possible for me to receive several treatments simultaneously during the same appointment?”

Yes, of course. Lots of our customers even come during their lunch break or between business appointments. They might have a refreshing facial treatment and a manicure at the same time for example.

“I have been thinking about getting something done about my wrinkles for a while. I am now in my mid fifties. My skin is actually very good but I have an issue with small wrinkles above the lips. There are so many different anti-ageing treatments. Yet I find that many of them have a very similar description. Which treatment would you recommend to remove wrinkles around the lips?”

There are various possibilities. Determining the right treatment method for you is dependent on several factors. These include the moisture content of your skin, how prominent the wrinkles around the lips are and much more. We achieve very good results in reducing wrinkles around the lips with radio frequency therapy. Perhaps your skin is just missing moisture and it just needs a high dosage of moisture cocktail. Lots of wrinkles can be visibly reduced by supplying adequate moisture with a high dosage of relevant substances and vitamins. Please give us a call. Or take advantage of the Skype consultation we offer.

“I have read or been told that you also offer beauty consultations in the home. Is that correct?”

Your friends are probably referring to the “Detox your cosmetics items”offer. Yes, that’s correct. We have added this to our range of services quite recently. Customers, both male and female, have shown lots of enthusiasm so far. We use the relaxed atmosphere at home to check the cosmetics items present for shelf life and principally to check how well the cosmetics items match your skin type and how sustainable the products are. A skin analysis is beneficial prior to this home appointment.

I'm from Germany and I am very impressed by your website. I would like to experience some of your treatments as I get the impression that you have a very professional way of working. I do, however, have lots of fundamental questions. Would it be possible to arrange an initial consultation via Skype in view of the distance involved?

I am glad to hear that. Yes, of course we can communicate via video calls. We offer video call consultation about beauty treatments to all of our customers. Lots of issues can actually be dealt with prior to treatment. Customers can also use video conferencing to show us which parts of their faces they want to receive treatment. Feel free to arrange a video call consultation with me. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Magdalena Brügger.

“I have never quite managed to understand the difference between a pedicure and medical/podiatric foot treatment.”

The same is true of lots of our customers. For us pedicure involves treatments such as foot baths, foot massages and cutting, filing and varnishing the toenails.
Medical podiatric treatment may involve treating unhealthy changes to the foot for example, perhaps with small scale surgical interventions. Medical podiatry includes treating nail fungi, ingrowing toenails, corns and calluses. Our special podiatric services also include the fitting of individual devices for the relief of pressure points or nail braces.

“I have never had a skin analysis. What happens during the procedure? Is skin scraped off and examined under the microscope? What precisely is analysed during the procedure?”

No, we do not scrape any skin off. High-quality skin diagnostic devices, special magnifiers and computer programmes are used for skin analysis at our cosmetic studios. During the skin analysis we measure the skin’s fat and water content, its elasticity and also the degree of pigmentation for example. Skin measurements are normally made at three points, on the forehead, chin and cheeks. In summary: The skin analysis provides you and us with information about the moisture content, fat content, pigmentation, pore size, wrinkle formation, wrinkle depth, elasticity and also concerning whether your skin has an increased tendency towards irritation, reddening, flaking and impurities..

“There are numerous articles about mesotherapies at present and everyone is talking about them. But no one can tell me exactly what MESO means and what the term stands for.”

Mesotherapies are complementary medical treatment methods. In the field of aesthetic cosmetics they involve anti-ageing treatment methods in which the middle (meso) layer of skin is treated. Minute needles are used to feed agents to promote the formation of collagen into the middle skin layers. It is not just the surface of the skin that is treated in this process and the smoothing occurs in deeper layers. This leads to a noticeable improvement in the skin.

“Hello, I became aware of your company on the Internet. You have a fantastic range of beauty products for men. That is a compliment. I have heard that you achieve good treatment outcomes on large-pored male skin in particular. That is exactly what I am interested in. I will definitely be a customer soon .”

Excellent. We look forward to meeting you.

“Hello, I am Urs. I am 43 years old and I have unpleasant hair growth all over my body. I am afflicted by this every year when it gets warm outside. Up until now I have always used wax for hair removal. It is not, however, a straightforward matter at many points, including the back. It also hurts and leaves small pimples behind. I have now read about laser therapy and I wonder whether this would be the right treatment for me. However, I wonder exactly what the difference is between laser hair removal and hair removal with wax or IPL. And whether the laser gets very hot on the skin.”

Well, there are considerable differences. The great advantage of laser hair removal is definitely the tremendous speed with which large areas of the body can be treated. For example it is possible for us to laser treat the entire back in just a few minutes. The process is completely pain free. Lots of people think that the skin will get hot. However that is not the case thanks to the full-surface cooling function of the treatment head.
Laser hair removal should nonetheless be entrusted to experienced specialists. We have very high levels of qualification for this process and treatment appliances which are certified in line with the highest standards. Please come and ask about it in person. It is difficult to provide a complete answer via email. Feel free to visit us and take a look without any obligation. The best thing would be for you to contact Ms Brügger. She is the Managing Director of our Swiss cosmetic studios in Basel and Bottmingen.

You may also have questions about anti-ageing treatments and skin care or you may wish to have basic information. Feel free to ask us any questions you like. You can do this in person or via the phone or email.

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