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Podologie-Geräte bei CP-Praxis
Diplomierte Podologen in CP Praxis Basel Bottmingen führen Medizinische Fusspflegen und Podologie durch
Glatte Füsse durch Fusspflege bei CP-Praxis

The key to healthy feet

We are trained podiatrists (podo = the foot) and qualified in all areas of medical and cosmetic foot care. In podiatry, we distinguish between foot cosmetics, pedicures, medical foot care, and special foot treatments. This also includes minor operative podiatric measures. See special podiatry treatments.

What belongs to medical, cosmetic foot care?

Beneficial foot massages, foot baths, the correct cutting of the nails, the removal of unsightly calluses, the professional removal of pressure points, and the stimulation of the lymph flow are areas of our medical foot treatments.

Relaxation, including a short vacation for your feet - with a foot care treatment at CP in Basel and Bottmingen!

Our feet carry us wherever we want and deserve to be treated well. Our trained podiatrists are qualified in all areas of medical and cosmetic foot care and ensure healthy and beautiful feet. In our range of treatments, we differentiate between medical/cosmetic foot care/pedicures and special treatments in medical/therapeutic foot care, including small surgical measures.

Services are carried out in these salons

  • Freie Strasse


  • Schlossgasse


  • Grosspeter Tower


Medical foot care from CHF 25

Podiatry consultation Free 15 min.
Podiatry consultation with a foot analysis 70 CHF 30 min.
Medical foot care, small 90 CHF 45 min.
Medical foot care 110 CHF 60 min.
Medical foot care with nail polish 123 CHF 75 min.
Medical foot care with semi-permanent French nail polish 148 CHF 90 min.
Medical foot care with semi-permanent nail polish 138 CHF 70 min.
Callus removal 65 CHF 30 min.
Shorten nails 50 CHF 20 min.
Ingrown Nail (Ungius incarnatus) 50 CHF 20 min.
Corn Removal 40 CHF 15 min.
Heel Crack Removal 65 CHF 30 min.
Reconstruction of the nail plate 45 CHF 20 min.
Preparing the nails for a fungus treatment 45 CHF 20 min.
Varnish without treatment with nail polish 25 CHF 15 min.