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Luxury cosmetic treatment which penetrates right to the heart of the skin cells

VALMONT cosmetics is the result of cutting-edge Swiss research in the field of anti-ageing cellular cosmetics. The Swiss cosmetic products are exclusive and highly effective. We use the luxurious VALMONT products in our cosmetic studio for effective anti-ageing treatment of the face and neckline.

Intensive research over many years has made VALMONT what it is today, a cosmetics manufacturer with incomparable anti-ageing products. VALMONT visibly restores youth to the skin and counteracts negative, external influences on the skin.

What can the VALMONT treatment do?

Even the driest skin is provided with moisture in a way yet to be equalled during treatment with these incomparable care products. It is comparable to a full moisturising bath for the facial skin. With the maximum degree of moisture thus being provided, skin cells are reactivated, the skin is enriched and wrinkles are visibly smoothed out.

What results will the VALMONT nurturing treatment bring?

VALMONT nurturing products bring perceptible success. The revitalising treatment for the face and neckline return the skin to its optimum level of moisture and energy. Moisture is the basis for an even complexion. Your face will look younger and fresher. Previously sallow and loose skin which appeared tired will become fuller and more radiant.

VALMONT rituals

The VALMONT method is based on the unique Swiss concept. The stimulation of the face, neck and neckline reactivates the micro-circulation and thus encourages the capacity to absorb the high dosage of active agents. The VALMONT rituals are perfectly aligned to the individual requirements of your skin: Moisture, energy, radiance, wrinkles/lines on the skin.


The skin is optimally provided with moisture, enriched and smoothed out. The facial features are refined and signs of tiredness disappear.


This treatment is inspired by the “Bisses”, the irrigation channels high up in the Swiss region of Wallis. VALMONT has transferred this ancient tradition of moisture regulation to the skin. The Bisse treatment acts like a moisturising bath for the skin. Even the driest skin is regenerated with this ritual. Once filled with moisture, the epidermis is reactivated and the dermis is enriched. Wrinkles resulting from dryness are thus smoothed out. An important treatment which gives the skin the freshness of morning dew.


The perfect treatment for tired, flaccid skin. The skin is regenerated and firmed up, regaining its radiance.


The first VALMONT treatment, Vitalité des Glaciers, quickly became an iconic brand. The anti-ageing knowledge of the Swiss product experts has been proven since 1985. This SPA application stimulates the vitality of the skin and cell regeneration. The complexion is fresher and more radiant following treatment. The facial features are relaxed and the facial skin demonstrates a unique fullness.


The complexion has a more even, radiant and fresh effect. Age spots are reduced and the skin structure is refined.


Eclat des Glaces, an in-house creation by VALMONT, is dedicated to the complete restoration of purity and youthful freshness to the complexion. With this exclusive application, VALMONT provides the ultimate solution for gently encouraging the radiance and evenness of the complexion. The skin structure is improved and the long-term anti-ageing effect is supported.


The skin is firmed up and replenished. Wrinkles are reduced and the facial contours are newly defined.


A highly-effective VALMONT method to counteract wrinkles and ageing lines. This application is used for firming the skin and for combating individual signs of skin ageing. With this treatment VALMONT stands out with an incomparable cosmetic product to counter the signs of ageing.

Care rituals for the face, neck and décolleté

"When I look in the mirror after the VALMONT care treatment, I ask myself why I didn't decide on this treatment sooner. My skin is much smoother and looks years younger." Many of our customers rave about this exclusive and extraordinarily effective VALMONT care treatment. As beauticians, we believe that VALMONT care products are true beautifiers.

You can also enquire about VALMONT eye lift treatments in our cosmetic studios.

Services are carried out in these salons

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VALMONT Rituals from 165 CHF

Ritual hydration 235 CHF 90 mins
Ritual energy 235 CHF 90 mins
Ritual Eclat 235 CHF 90 mins
Ritual anti-wrinkle 235 CHF 90 mins
Booster treatments 245 CHF 90 mins
Booster treatment 165 CHF 45 mins