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Long-lasting freedom from hair

Waxing is part of the standard beauty programme for ladies and gentlemen at our Swiss cosmetic studios. The advantage of waxing in the beauty salon is that it provides thorough, effective, and quick hair removal, even in hard to access areas. Waxing is one of a number of very popular hair removal methods and it provides satisfaction thanks to its many benefits, including silky smooth skin for up to four weeks.

You should consider this when waxing:

48 hours BEFORE your treatment:

No solarium or sauna visits. No body lotion, no deodorant or body oil application.

24 hours AFTER your treatment:

No direct sunlight, no tanning beds, no creams on depilated areas, avoid to sweat heavily, no exfoliation for 3 days!

Services are carried out in these salons

  • Freie Strasse


  • Schlossgasse


  • Grosspeter Tower


Waxing from 79 CHF

Legs 90 CHF 70 min.
Lower leg including instep and toes 55 CHF 50 min.
Thigh 65 CHF 45 min.
Thigh with bikini zone, classic 86 CHF 50 min.
Bikini zone classic 40 CHF 30 min.
Brazilian bikini 70 CHF 45 min.
Bikini Hollywood 65 CHF 40 min.
Armpits 50 CHF 30 min.
Arms, section 45 CHF 30 min.
Arms, full 55 CHF 45 min.
80 CHF 60 min.
Belly 40 CHF 45 min.
Lumbar region 40 CHF 45 min.
Shoulder area 40 CHF 45 min.
Neck area 35 CHF 30 min.
Face 45 CHF 45 min.
Upper lip 30 CHF 15 min.
Chin 30 CHF 15 min.
Upper lip and chin 40 CHF 20 min.
Price reduction from 2 zones -10%