Augenbrauen, der schönste Rahmen für Ihr Gesicht

Eyebrows, the most beautiful frame for your face

Professionally plucked eyebrows give your face the right frame and make it perfect. We'll tell you what you need to consider when plucking your eyebrows. Here are the instructions on the topic: Perfect brows - pluck eyebrows correctly.

Basic information about the shape of the eyebrows

The following applies: the eyebrow shape given by nature is always the most advantageous. The brows are at their most beautiful when we optimize our natural shape or correct it by plucking.

The eyebrow line

The eyebrow line runs from the highest point and narrows towards the end. The inner brow lines remain a little thicker. Here in the middle should never be plucked.

The Rules of Thumb

The beautician tip

If you need an optimal starting shape, you can also have the basic shape drawn in our cosmetics studio. We draw new bows and shape eyebrows. This gives you the perfect preparation for regular eyebrow plucking at home.