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Hydra3 Regenetic

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Moisturizing anti-aging cream 50 mL

Acts as a « hydration coach » to teach the skin the good mechanisms of hydration. 3-dimensional hydration: A comprehensive hydration of the stratum corneum, living epidermis, DEJ and dermis. The skin gets a new water reservoir, which makes it look fuller and more youthful. Moisture lines are smoothed. The skin is plump and supple.

1. Function

  • Acts as a "moisture coach" and aids the skin in its natural hydration process.
  • Provides comprehensive 3-dimensional hydration to various skin layers, including the stratum corneum, the living epidermis, the DEJ (dermal-epidermal junction), and the dermis.
  • Improves the skin's water reservoir, resulting in a plumper and more youthful appearance while smoothing moisture lines and making the skin supple.

2. Application

Apply in the morning after the serum. Remove the foam from the cream surface. Apply lightly to the face with a mini brush, massaging in as gently as possible.

3. Active ingredients

  • Biomimetic lipids
  • Hyaluronic acid precursor
  • DNA liposome

    Hydra3 Regenetic
    Hydra3 Regenetic
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