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Keratolytic Complex

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Keratolytic Complex - Face 15 mL

Experience the transformative power of the Nescens Resurfacing technique, which restores your skin's full potential. Our keratolytic complex combines a highly effective polyhydroxy acid with an effective peeling substance. This synergistic effect balances the corneal coat by gently peeling off the skin's surface. The result is an improved skin texture that appears visibly smoother and tighter. Roughness of the epidermis is reduced, pores are tightened and the complexion appears more even.

Look forward to a younger-looking radiance and radiant facial features thanks to our resurfacing technique. Discover the secret of smooth and youthful skin that brings out the best in itself. With Nescens, your skin will be taken to a whole new level of regeneration and beautification. Trust our advanced technology for a fresh and radiant complexion.

1. Function

  • The Nescens Resurfacing technique rebuilds the skin's potential and promotes regeneration.
  • The keratolytic complex with polyhydroxy acid and peeling agent evens out the stratum corneum and improves the skin texture.
  • The skin appears visibly smoothed, tightened, and the complexion appears more even. Roughness is diminished, and pores are minimized.

2. Application

Apply in the morning after the serum. Remove the foam from the cream surface. Apply lightly to the face with a mini brush, massaging in as gently as possible.

3. Active ingredients

  • Lactobionic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Phytic acid

    Keratolytic Complex
    Keratolytic Complex
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