Anti-Aging Mythos oder Enttäuschung?

Anti-Aging Myth or Disappointment?

Anti-aging - myth of disappointment?

Anti-aging in medicine and cosmetics is THE term for hope, flawlessness and expectation. The magic lies in beautiful jars with trendy names and scents that make your heart beat faster. But as we all know, not all that glitters is gold...

We stick to the care routine with conviction and very conscientiously. From cleaner to toner. We use a matching serum according to the manufacturer and as a highlight: the gold-coated jar with the miracle cream.
Of course we curb our desire for fried food. We gave up the fags a long time ago with the wine accompaniment. And the UV protection? Of course, we have never been careless with its application! And now? A daily look in the mirror promises the same thing: good morning skin, good morning myth of disappointment.

Why are we subject to the aging process?

The skin is exposed to both intrinsic and extrinsic influences.

intrinsic aging factors

Intrinsic skin aging refers to physiological aging and includes all internal influences such as genetic predisposition, hormone balance and an accumulation of replication errors during cell division. In aging skin, this is usually reflected in a loss of elasticity and water, resulting in fine wrinkles. The consequences of the external factors are different. Let's take a look:

Extrinsic Aging Factors

Extrinsic skin aging is determined by environmental influences and is reflected in various external factors such as medication, stress, poor nutrition, poor sleep quality and consumption of stimulants. We also find here the so-called "photoaging" (light aging). Photoaging not only leads to toxic skin aging, but also to an increased risk of skin cancer. The consequences of extrinsic skin aging differ significantly from the intrinsic ones: pigment spots, deeper wrinkling through to leathery skin with immense loss of elasticity. Extrinsic skin aging is thus the gas pedal for intrinsic skin aging.

But what can you do to prevent skin aging?

Preventive measures are essential. A conscious lifestyle with an adequate UV radiation strategy is essential. Of course, the process of skin aging cannot be stopped. But you have the accelerator in your hand. You are the pilot when it comes to nutrition, luxury foods, stress, sleep and UV protection. If you want a brake pedal, use your rudder to control these areas of life.

What does the brake pedal look like in your everyday life?

Set out a plan for your antiaging agents, diet and lifestyle.

This is not so easy in the anti-aging jungle without tools. We hand you the machete!

antiaging agents

First of all: Don't be enchanted by the beautiful jars and labels. Read the fine print! The ingredients are the true anti-aging agents. Let’s take a closer look at the most important ingredients in your anti-aging care:

Vitamin A

Helps rebuild collagen and aids in healing from sun damage.

Vitamins C and E

Reduce the concentration of free radicals and are probably the most well-known antioxidants. (The free radicals are considered to be the true accelerators of skin aging.)

hyaluronic acid

In the aging process, our body's own hyaluron and collagen production decreases. We owe the elasticity and volume of the skin to both of them. Hyaluron has the ability to bind large amounts of water. Please note: the mere existence of hyaluronic acid in the products does not mean that it will have an effect. Pay attention to the strength of concentration and other auxiliary materials. These are needed to penetrate the skin.


Make sure you have adequate sun protection; also in the winter. This does not necessarily have to be included in your care cream. It can also be applied as a supplement at the end.

Other anti-aging ingredients

Coenzyme Q10 has an antioxidant effect and promotes cell health.

Panthenol moisturizes and supports the production of your skin cells.

Folic acid increases moisture, regenerates cell DNA.

Resveratrol has an antioxidant effect and protects the skin from UV rays.

Our tip: start at the point of origin and protect your body from the inside out. Introduce balanced nutritional supplements into your daily routine and slow down your aging from the inside out. Our recommendation? Avea's booster with a powerful antioxidant combination of powerful ingredients.

Can anti-aging care magically remove wrinkles once they have formed?

Prevention and an anti-aging strategy tailored to you is the be-all and end-all. However, once wrinkles have formed, you will not be able to cream them away. No worries! Not every wrinkle requires a scalpel. The treatment areas of medical cosmetics are wide-ranging and there is a tailored treatment for every need.

Even the use of chemical peeling supports the body's own regeneration process. It activates cells and forms new collagen fibers. Overall, this improves the quality of the pores and gives your skin a visible rejuvenating effect.

With Micro Needling you can stimulate the formation of new elastin and collagen. No artificial substances have to be injected into the skin. Today we achieve more precise and even better results with the mesotherapy treatment and the derma pen.

You probably know Kardashian's vampire facelift, right? PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is a natural and effective procedure in aesthetic medicine. It not only prevents the formation of wrinkles, but also reduces them and stimulates the connective tissue to form new ones. The result: a strengthened facial skin with optical rejuvenation.

Our eyes are the mirror to the soul. Here, too, PRP offers an impressive area of ​​application. dr medical Joel Baur, specialist in ophthalmology, says: “In the case of dark circles under the eyes, the highly concentrated growth factors of the thrombocytes are used and stimulate cell division and promote skin renewal in the deep layers. This leads to a significant thickening of the skin and a visible improvement in dark circles under the eyes. An additional optimization of the result with a hyaluronic acid preparation can then also be made selectively.». When used on the entire face, the result is a lasting and natural strengthening of the skin with a visually rejuvenated appearance.

Which treatment suits you?

Find out more in a non-binding and free consultation at the CP practices in Basel or Bottmingen. In terms of anti-aging, gentle lifting, effective skin and facial treatments, no questions remain unanswered.

Since the company was founded in 2013, the CP practices in Basel and Bottmingen have focused on a holistic, individual approach. They do not see themselves as the classic cosmetics studio, but take up a significantly larger area of ​​treatments, cooperation and know-how.

On September 6, they set new standards for the industry and launched the first study «Are you still living too short? Pretty sure!" initiated. Within this study, they deal with meaningful, individual action over the entire lifespan. This includes the holistic view of the individual, the human being; such as individual body and skin analyses, stress factors, exercise and DNA-based nutrition.

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Author: Sylvia Wollborn